When the Town & County opened (with Guys and Dolls) on
June 21st, 1956, it was reported that $250,000 had
been spent on its construction, and it was billed as:
The Biggest Drive-in Theatre in Texas. The Lone Star
state at that point in time was Numero Uno among all
Drive-in states, with nearly 400 in operation; Abilene,
with the addition of the T&C could claim seven itself.
To stake its claim, it provided parking for nearly 1500
cars (with 4 incoming traffic lanes to get them all in),
a rooftop garden above the concession building that
sat a couple hundred people, a vast playground which
showcased an electric Ferris wheel, and two screens,
spread-out across 23 acres. The show went on here for
25 years, before its two screens went dark on the 10th
of September, 1981 (in the fading light, they screened
a matched pairing of:  Popeye  /  Tidal Wave;  Blowout
and Dressed to Kill). Ultimately, all seven of Abilene's
outdoor picture shows would shut-down; with the Park
Drive-in being the last to go out, 5 years later. The T&C
remained dark for 19 years, but was fortunately acquired
by a couple with the means and enthusiasm to resurrect it
after two decades of neglect. They re-opened for Season 2K
on July 7th, lighting a 100' wide screen with  Dinosaur and
Shanghai Noon. They intend to operate year-round, screening
double features up on 'the biggest screen in Abilene' while also
making a point of featuring revivals such as Dances with Wolves.



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